About Us

About Us

Well what do you say?, it’s a bit like a dating profile. We range in height from 5’ to 6’4”. We like going to the beach, some of us have done sky diving and other adventure sports and some just like sitting down with a few beers watching the footy, cricket and horse racing. We are romantics at heart and our true love comes from looking at figures. Our favourite numbers are 9 and 6, not necessarily in that order and for excitement we dabble in some multiplication from time to time.

We love figures, we can understand numbers in many languages, and we can twist them and turn them to the point where we can make sense of them and provide insights that you never dreamed possible.

On a Saturday night, our favourite night, we can be seen with our heads buried in the greatest Australian novel every written… the Australian Income Tax Legislation, OMG I get excited just thinking of next Saturday night and to pick up where I left off. And best of all it’s a novel that continuously has new episodes as our parliaments make changes and create new and exciting chapters for us. We have a great life.

We are seeking like-minded individuals and groups to embark on a journey of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Our ideal first date would be within the intimate setting of our office. Beautifully designed to create a mood of consensual intimacy where you can freely disclose all your personal details. Then we can enjoy a nice tea or coffee and if you’re up to it we can also share a biscuit together.

We would really like to get to know you better and find out what you are seeking from our relationship. And in return we’ll let you know the various ways we can service you. We have an extensive range of capabilities that can provide brief encounters or evolve to enhance and complement each other as our relationship grows.

And boy do we have some toys to play with. The latest tech and the latest gadgets ensure you or your business are informed in all things business.

After the tea, coffee and biscuit there’s only one decision left, “who pays the bill”, well at the end of the day we’re tax accountants, so that means you.

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